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Fast relief for tired, tense muscles & joints

• COOLING – quick cooling patch provides fast relief at the site of discomfort, right where you need it!


• SOOTHING – relaxing, natural relief from muscular & joint problems


• COMFORTABLE – simple to apply, the patch adheres gently and removes easily – without leaving sticky residues


There are a wide range of natural ingredients which can be applied to the skin to help muscle and joint problems.

These include:

Peppermint oil
Oil of black pepper

For many years these ingredients have been widely used and recommended for muscular and joint problems, and often they are available in a range of formulations for external application such as creams, gels, or lotions. Now one of these widely used ingredients is available in an easy to use patch formulation.


It has been known since ancient Egyptian times that various mint extracts can provide local relief of muscle and joint problems when applied to the skin and one such extract, natural L-menthol, is the ingredient in Quool Patch which can provide natural, soothing and cooling relief from muscular and joint problems.

Mentha piperita
& Mentha arvensis

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