About Quool

Quool is a natural menthol patch for relief from discomfort of muscle and joint problems

Quool may be used for, and help, tired and aching muscles e.g. after gardening, for back problems, for temporary relief of rheumatic & other arthritic problems, or for minor sports injuries.

Quool Patch has a pleasant aroma and a slim, flexible, non-messy format suitable for wearing under clothing.

It does not contain any medication or drug substances. The gel layer contains 0.5% of natural l-menthol to provide the cooling effect.


Cooling effect of Quool Patch on shoulder
after application for 2 hours
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Quool Patches are easily trimmed and shaped for use on small joints, like fingers, and come in a resealable bag with no need for refrigeration.

Quool Patch has not been tested on animals.


What other people have said…

• “Well done: this is a very positive development”


• “The pain relief was similar to that I obtain from [named brand] gel but easier to apply – stays in place even on neck/shoulder area. My husband also used one on his arthritic knee”



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