How to use Quool.

Quool is easy to apply to most parts of the body including the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle and foot

Quool is for external use only. Before applying the patch, dry the affected area and wipe away any perspiration.



After taking the patch out of the sachet, remove the clear plastic

Slightly stretch the patch before applying the adhesive gel side to the skin at the site of the problem.

Also slightly bend joints such as knees or elbows before applying the patch to these areas.

Quool patches will adhere to most areas, especially when used under clothing. When the joint or muscle is exposed such as during sports activities, then a loose elasticated bandage can be used on joints, such as elbows or knees.


Alternatively on larger flat areas, such as shoulders or the back, then use some hyposensitive tape to provide additional adhesion.

When you first apply the Quool Patch it will feel cold. This is normal. The patch will probably feel cool for between 2-4 hours, although the soothing effect will last much longer.

After 10-12 hours we recommend that you replace with a fresh Quool Patch.

• Use Quool with caution on sensitive skin, or if you have any eczema or other skin problem. (We suggest you first cut out and try a small section of Quool Patch).

• Do not use if you have an allergy to menthol.

• Do not use on cuts or broken or infected skin.

• Do not use on children under 12 years of age.

• Keep Quool Patches out of reach of young children.

How To Apply Quool Patch to Different Parts of the Body

Knees & elbows:


1. Fold the patch in two and make a 2-3 cm perpendicular incision on each side.
2. Remove protective covering, stretch the patch, and press down on one edge.
3. Press the other edge to cover the area whilst keeping the patch stretched.

Back of knees & elbows:


1. Fold the patch into two and make a 2-3 cm perpendicular incision on each side.
2. Remove protective covering, stretch the patch, and press down on one edge.
3. Press down the other edge to cover the area whilst keeping the patch stretched.


1. When using only one Quool Patch, stretch the patch horizontally across the painful area.
2. When using two Quool Patches, stretch the patches vertically and apply to either side of the spine



1. Make incisions in the Quool Patch before applying to the front of the ankle.

2. Alternatively, apply the Quool Patch to the affected area on the back of the ankle.

Hand & Wrists:

Make incisions to each of the long sides of the Quool Patch before removing the protective film, and applying the gel side to the back of the hand and wrist area.

Sports Injuires:

Cooling treatment is usually recommended immediately after sports, and similar, injuries (such as twisted and sprained ankles). This treatment is often referred to as “RICE”, with the acronym being derived from Rest, Ice , Compression, & Elevation. (That is rest the affected area, immediately cool the area with ice, use a compression bandage to help reduce the swelling, and keep the injury elevated, also to help reduce swelling.)

As part of the “RICE” treatment Quool patch has very often been used successfully to cool the injured and swollen area (the cooling effect of Quool Patch is welldemonstrated in the thermograph.)

Quool Patch can also be used after the immediate post trauma ice treatment and patches can be used for 2 – 3 days as a very convenient method of cooling the area. Unlike many other bulky methods of cooling injuries, Quool Patch can be worn under a compression bandage for the 2 – 3 days whilst the swelling and inflammation reduces. (a new Quool Patch should be applied every 12 hours.)

Once the swelling and inflammation has subsided then the usual treatment is gentle mobility exercises combined with warming the affected area. For more information about Quool contact us, or for more information about prevention and treatment of sports injuries then visit the links below.

• American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Public Information – Play It Safe, Sports

• MEDLINEplus Health Information – Sports Injuries

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