About Allmi-Care

Allmi-Care is a pharmaceutical development company specialising in the development and marketing of innovative OTC hydrogel patches.

Various Hydrogel Patches

We have already developed a wide range of patches containing many topically active ingredients for major multinational and medium size companies whose OTC brands have benefited from these new introductions.

The advantages of our hydrogel patches compared to other topical formulations such as creams, gels and adhesive or reservoir/matrix based patches are that they are easy for the consumer to use and that they can immediately feel and perceive benefits for their particular symptoms. These benefits include:

• Rapid action

• Long lasting effects

• Convenient to use

• Comfortable to wear

• Easy to apply and remove

• Non-messy compared to creams and gels

(For a summary of results from almost 400 respondents demonstrating these effects please contact us.)

Allmi-Care’s hydrogel format is very versatile and we have already successfully incorporated a wide range of ingredients into our patches including:
aloe vera, aromatic oils such as lavender, tea tree oil, alpha bisabolol, among many other OTC, herbal, and aromatic – as either water soluble or oil based – active excipients.

We are currently developing (under confidentiality agreements) a range of patches containing patented active components.

Talk to us to see how our patch expertise could quickly benefit your brands’ sales and profit figures.

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specialising in the development and marketing of innovative OTC hydrogel patches